Sigfried Georg Anhalt

Noble by Birth, Warrior at Heart, Peacemaker by Trade.


Sigfried is deadly with almost any weapon you hand him – or with no weapon in hand, for that matter. Just a reminder: words are weapons, too.


Sigfried Word Doc


Born to a noble house in the königreich of Hainzl, Sigfried Georg Arnhalt is everything that comes to mind when you thinks “Eisen”. Tall. Strong, but not burly. Black hair and beard kept short, with ice blue eyes.

The Anhalt family lands contain three of the königreich’s richest mines. His father was a childhood friend of Eisenfürst Hainzl, and as a result, Sigfried’s childhood was one of comfort. Or it would have been if he hadn’t begun training himself to be a soldier at age 7. At first he used broomsticks and iron pokers. Then, once his father saw the boy’s natural talent, with real teachers for whom the art of war was a way of life. When he was old enough, he enrolled in academy. First Unabwendbar, then Steil, then Gelingen. Not surprisingly, he was eventually invited to attend Kippe. Over these many years of study, Sigfried learned not just how to use weapons, but when and where to use them best.

While studying at Steil, Sigfried and some of his classmates went to assist at a nearby church that had been converted to a hospital. He and two others were pulled into assist with the surgeries themselves. This experience changed him more than he could have imagined. Seeing the horrors of war in all their reality drove him greater study – not just of how to make war, but of why wars are made, and how to avoid them whenever possible. Make no mistake – if you choose to fight him, he will cut you down. But he will first give you every opportunity not to fight.

Sigfried Georg Anhalt

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