Griffith Alder

Tall. Strong. Smart. Handsome. Two and a half steps left of normal.


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Griffith hits things. Also, he can tell you which is the Salad fork, and which is the Dinner fork.



Griffith Alder was born in Avalon to a family well accepted in social and political circles, while never being actually of Noble birth. Griffith’s patriarchal line extends far back in various forms of public service; local political office, Knight, town guard, etc… Griffith’s matriarchal line, for all intents and purposes, consists mainly of educators and doctors.

As a child, Griffith wanted for nothing. He was afforded the best training and the best education. It was often whispered, not unkindly, that the Fae had blessed him and his family since time unremembered.

Looking at this large man’s family tree, one would expect to find the perfect specimen of brain and brawn, wit and will, force and fleetness of mind.

Sadly, not everything is as it’s cracked up to be.

Griffith is a physical specimen, indeed. His strength and prowess in battle are well known. His ability to recite facts, figures, and histories are a source of pride to his mother. His ability to know when to use either of these things is often lacking. Versed in etiquette, drilled in technique, and seemingly, just a little bit dumb, it may be true that the Fae have blessed this man.

To be honest, he just ain’t quite right.

Griffith Alder

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