Ghislaine Saint Cyr

A Pirates hoard is gold and jewels. St Cyr's has a card catalogue.


The daughter of the head of security for a small noble house in Montainge, Ghislaine Saint Cyr (…or “Sear”, as she prefers. “It’s easier. Now leave me alone.”)grew up in the grand library of her father’s employer’s home. As her father taught her how to observe, collect facts, and follow them to find an answer, Sear’s mother taught her that sometimes more “liberal” methods yielded the most efficient results.

Sear’s mother, not quite a pirate and tight-lipped about her past, was still influential in certain circles. As often as Captain Saint Cyr taught Sear the fine art of deduction, “The Blue Lady” taught her to not take no for an answer.

These conflicting, yet oddly balanced, influences created this Literary Pirate, this Privateer of Parlance, the Buccaneer of “You really don’t deserve to keep that. It’s collecting dust, unappreciated, unused and neglected. Mine now. ’Bye.”.

Just don’t call her a pirate. It’s complicated.

Ghislaine Saint Cyr

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