Daniel Doring

Abbrasive man hailing from Innismore


Some talk of this man having himself so well in hand he finds everyone else lacking. Many at the party consider him a judgmental pain in the ass that kills the joy of any situation.

The rumors are abound about him; the maids hate him, as he refuses to let any in his room, He is just polite enough to the host but to no one else, many hope to face him in a duel, though all attempts at trying to instigate him seem to roll off his shoulders.

The rumors grow even darker, as some claim he’s a murder that seeks to continue the toll of deaths he’s caused, how he writes a poem for each man he’s cut down, in some sick way to remember them. MacReady has even been heard to refer to him as the deserter.

Kristophe has made mention that it’s good that he’s around in case anyone should actually get injured, referencing his surgical skills.


Daniel Doring

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