Dominique Minon

Montainge loudmouth


Dominique seemed to be quite a hit with the women at Inverness, and has taken particular interest in the appearance of Mademoiselle Cyr.

Many question his loyalty to his king and country for not fighting in the war, others that have witnessed, ponder why he would study the Andrews school.

Some gossip that he is a deserter, having fled from the war against Castille for moral reasons, others think he betrayed his country inn other means.

Ever since her arrival, Dominique has expressed quite an interest in the company of Mademoiselle Cyr, offering to escort her to the midnight ball, and generally flirting with her.

During a morning conversation with Siegfried and Griffith he made mention of mirror ghosts, and implied that while he was no military man for his country, it would certainly be dangerous for him to return at the present state.


Dominique Minon

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